We work with  medicinal herbs & resins specifically indicated for Womxn’s reproductive health. These herbs are individually combined with speciality cold-pressed, organic, carrier oils. 

Our medicine making process ensures that the desired constituent is isolated and extracted in order potentiate the healing power of the Oil. We do rarely use essential oils, and if so, they are in homeopathic-micro doses to ensure safetey. 






Our individual herbal oil infusions are crafted into specific proprietary formulas and poured into vegan-gelatin-capsules to create vaginal suppositories. Vaginal Suppositories are used as a topical remedy to coat the lining of the vaginal walls and cervix for immediate, localized, relief of acuteand chronic symptoms. Read more about why Vaginal Suppositories are so effective here. 


We utilize classical ecclectic and phsiomedicalists texts in order to formulate individual tinctures with 100% organic pharmaceutical grade alchohol. Each herb is given a specific Ethnol:Water:Herb percentage and infusion time which potentiates the healing properties of the tincture. 



Tea Blends are a vital part of wellness. When water and fire and earth (herb)are combined, a special alchemical process happens. Each plant imprints their special vitality into the water. Because most constituents are soluble in water, this makes for a wide array of properties.  Each tea blend we make, considers elements, constituents, the four humors (constitution) and spirit. 



Womxn can educate themselves of the unique workings of their formula using our encyclopedia of herbs (materia-medica) which is compiled using a series of classical Ecclectic, Unnani tibb, North American and Ayurvedic texts. Materia Medica includes contraindications, indications and uses of each herb.