Medicated Oyls For Women's Sexual And Reproductive Vitality. 

We impliment Medical Herbalism, Vitalism and Clinical Strategies to create  powerful plant formulas to support Women's Vitality in the form of:


Medicated Oyl Yoni  Ovules, Medicated Yoni Oyls, Hemp Derived Phoenix Tear Drops, Tinctures, and Honey Electuaries. 


     WHAT WE DO. 

Vesel Wellness employs medical herbalism, vitalism and clinical strategies in the form of Medicated Oyls and Vaginal Suppositories (Ovules). 


Our formulas & consults support the relief of symptoms for common Women's conditions: Yeast Infections, Bacterial Vaginosis, Vaginitis, HPV, HSV, Cervical Dysplasia, Dysmenorrhea, Endometriosis, Pelvic Floor Dysfunction, Painful Sex, Tension, Dryness Vaginal Prolapse and numbness. We also offer stimulating and aphrodisiac inspired formulas to support over-all sexual vitality and sex-drive. 

Vitalism is the principle that everything is animated by an innate energy called vital- life-force. This vital-life-force gives the body its power to heal itself. Given this principle- food, sleep, and herbs, which also hold  this vitality, can be used to support the life-force the human body needs to heal from dis-ease. 

We prioritize Herbal Sustainability, Native Plant Regeneration and Sacred Economics-

Our Remedies are made with Native & North American herbs.  

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We've got you, the plants and the planet in mind.  


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 PODACST: The Curious History of Medicated Oils for the Sexual and Reproductive Health, Entheogens, Datura, The Origin of the Broomstick and What it all has to do with Vesel Wellness. 

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Rose Petal Oil 


Tonifies Vaginal Tissue

Soothes Vaginal Tissues

Moisturizes Mucosa Membranes

Evening Primrose Oil


Supports Hormone Regulation

Moisturizes mucosa-membranes

Grapeseed Oil 

High in fatty acids

High in Oleic acid

Repairs&Soothes Vaginal tissues

Rosemary Oil

Circulatroy- Stimulant 

Brings Fresh Oxygen and Blood to the Vaginal Tissues

Vegan Gelatin

Drives Medicted-Oil into Epidermal Layer

What are Yoni Ovules?
Yoni Ovules are inspired by an Ancient Ayurvedic Practice called, 'Yoni Prakashalanam'; a therapeutic remedy which uses Herbal Medicated-Oils to topically coat the vaginal canal and cervix. 

Our individual herbal oil infusions are crafted into specific proprietary formulas and poured into vegan-gelatin-capsules to create vaginal suppositories (aka Ovules.)


Vaginal Ovules are used as a topical remedy to coat the lining of the vaginal walls and cervix to support immediate, localized, relief of acute and chronic symptoms. 


Vital, Wholesome, Plant Allies

to Support Women's reproductive-vitality. 


Detailed, Wholesome, Vital,  Plant Alchemy.  


 We work with  medicinal herbs & resins specifically indicated for Womxn’s reproductive health. These herbs are individually combined with speciality cold-pressed, organic, carrier oils Creating Wholesome, Gentle yet Powerful Oyl Extractions. 

 We do rarely use essential oils, and if so, they are in homeopathic-micro doses to ensure safetey. 




                                         OVULES (VAGINAL SUPPOSITORIES)

Our individual herbal-oil-infusions are blended into specific proprietary formulas and poured into vegan-gelatin-capsules to create vaginal suppositories. Vaginal Suppositories are used as a topical remedy to coat the lining of the vaginal walls and cervix for immediate, localized, relief of acute and chronic symptoms. Read more about why Vaginal Suppositories are so effective here. 



Womxn can educate themselves of the unique workings of their formula using our encyclopedia of herbs (materia-medica) which is compiled using a series of classical Ecclectic, Unnani tibb, North American and Ayurvedic texts. Materia Medica includes contraindications, indications and uses of each herb.