Eco Sexual Medicated Intimacy Oyl

Eco Sexual Medicated Intimacy Oyl




Formulated with Slippery Elm, Kava Kava Ginger and Clove; wholesomely extracted into Grapeseed Oyl. This delicious blend smells like maple syrup & feels like silk on the skin. Slippery Elm brings moisture to the mucosa membranes of the vaginal tissues making a sensual lubricant. While clove & ginger's circulatory stimulant actions bring warming / tingly sensations of the vagina for localised pleasure. & Lastly, Kava relaxes the tissues of the vaginal walls through sedative effects. These herbs work synergistcally to bring fresh oxygen and blood to the vaginal tissues, and have a natural anti-microbial & anti-viral effect to support your Yoni's immunity.


Ingreedients: *Organic SLIPPERY ELM BARK Oyl, Kava Kava Oyl, Ginger Co2, Clove Oyl, Rosemary Co2, Vitis Vinifera (Grapseed Oyl).


Instructions/Dose: Before Self-Pleasure, Or Sex, First Patch test by applying 1-2 Drops on finger and apply to Yoni. Note this formula is heating, so please use minimally to begin. Once tested for comfortability on Yoni, Apply 1 Dropper full internally and on Labia. Use no more than 1-2 times per week.


Contraindications: Pregnancy, Pre-pregnancy, Post Pregnancy. Hepatic or Epileptic Disease. Note Oyl breaks down latex condoms. 

    Medicated Oyl Yoni Ovules