Clarify- Medicated Oyl Yoni Ovles (28)
  • Clarify- Medicated Oyl Yoni Ovles (28)


    Clarify Yoni Ovules support the relief of symptoms associated with: HPV Infection, Cervical Dysplasia, and HSV.​ Formulated with Calendula, Chaparelle & Cannabis; wholesomely extracted into Organic Grape-Seed Oyl & infused into a Gelatin capsule. This Ovule enhances localised immunity, clears microbes and fungi, cleanses the blood & soothes inflamed tissue- by topically coating the lining of the vaginal walls and cervix.


    Combine with Demulcent tea or Eco-Sexual Lube to balance out the drying effects of Cannabis + Chaparelle.


    See our 'Materia Medica' Page for more information about in depth herbal indications and contraindications of these herbs.


    Ingredients: Organic: CALENDULA OFFICINALIS oyl, LARREA TRIDENTATA (CHAPARELLE) oyl, ROSEMARINUS OFF.(ROSEMARY) Co2, Vitis Vinifera (Grapseed Oyl), Woman-made, LAB-TESTED, Complete-Spectrum, Hemp Oyl:  12mg CBD: 

    .5 mg THC (Per Ovule).  325  mg CBD:  12 mg THC (Total). This product contains less than .1% THC; in a Gelatin Capsule. 


    *Note: No essential oils are in this product.


    Instructions: Lay on back and elevate hips with pillow or bolster, insert one ovule deeply into Vagina, relax and rest in a meditative state focsuing on your breath, for minimum of 45minutes. The longer the hips are elevated, the more effective the remedy. 


    Dose: Use 1 suppository daily for 7 days for acute symtpoms of BV and Fungal infections  and 1suppository a day for 28days for chronic symtpoms of HPV. 


    Pairings: This formula is drying, to assure elemental balance please pair with moisturizing tea or eco-sexual intimacy Oyl. 


    Contraindications :   Keep out of reach of children & animals. Please patch-test before use. Epileptic or Hepatic Diseases, Jaundice, (Stop if Liver Pain Occurs).Pre-Pregnancy, Post-Pregnancy, During Pregnancy. Pharmaceutical Drugs. Open wound abbrasions that are infected. Note:Oils break down latex condoms. Please Consult Dr. before use esp. if using Copper IUD. This product has not been approved by the FDA.