Clarity-Vaginal Ovules

Clarity-Vaginal Ovules


Clarity Vaginal Ovules bring relief and soothe acute symptoms associated with  Bacterial Infections, Fungal Infections and HPV.​ Formulated with Chaparelle, Cedar leaf, Calendula; wholesomelly extracted into organic grape-seed oil and infused into a vegan geltin capsule. This suppository clears bacteria and fungi, soothes inflamed tissue, supports viral immunity, and balances PH by topically coating the lining of the vaginal walls and cervix. 


See our 'Materia Medica' Page for more information about in depth herbal indications and contraindications of these herbs.


Ingredients: Organic* *ORGANIC INGREDIENTS: Larrea tridentata Extract (Chapparelle), Calendula Officinalis Extract, Thuja Extract(Cedar Leaf), Rosemarinus Officinalis Co2 (Rosemary), Vitis Verefina (Grapeseed Oil).


*Note: No essential oils are in this product


Instructions: Lay on back and elevate hips with pillow or bolster, insert one ovule deeply into Vagina, relax and rest in a meditative state focsuing on your breath, for 15-45minutes. The longer the hips are elevated, the more the medicated-oil will effectively penetrate the epidermal layer of the vaginal walls.


Dose: Use 1-2 suppostiroy daily for 7 days for acute symtpoms of BV and Fungal infections  and 1suppository a day for 28days for chronic symtpoms of HPV. 


Pairings: This formula is drying, to assure elemental balance please pair with moisturizing tea found here. 



  • FDA

    *this statement has not been approved or reviewed by the FDA.

    *this product is not mean to treat, diagnose, or heal disease. 

    *consult doctor/practioners before use.

    *consult doctor if on pharmaceuticals medications or birth control. 

    *Do not take if pregnant.

    *Note, oil based lubricants and suppositories break down condoms.