Endo Suport- Vaginal Ovules

Endo Suport- Vaginal Ovules


Endo Support


 Formulated with St. Johns Wort, Calendula, Evening Primrose and CBD; wholesomely extracted into organic, cold-pressed grapeseed oil and placed into a gelatin ovule.This formula supports the relief of symtpoms that come with those excruciating endometriosis flare-ups. This medicated oil reduces inflammation, supports hormonal balance, relives tension in the pelvic floor by topically coating the vaginal walls and cervix.


Ingredients: Oranic* St. Johnd Wort, Calendula, Evening Primrose, Evening Primrose Co2,  Vitamin E, Rosemary Co2, Lab Tested CBD *Grapeseed Oil, Vegan-Gelatin Capsule. 


Instructions: Use this Ovule 7-21 days before your mensus to see results.Instructions: Lay on back and elevate hips with pillow or bolster, insert one ovule deeply into Vagina, relax and rest in a meditative state focsuing on your breath, for 15-45minutes. The longer the hips are elevated, the more the medicated-oil will effectively penetrate the epidermal layer of the vaginal walls.


Dose: Take 1-3 Suppositories daily for 7 days for acute symtpoms and 1suppository a day for 28days for chronic symptoms. 


Pairings: For best results; Pair with 'Evening Primrose Oral Capsule',  'Liver Support' tea  and 'Vitex' tincture. 


Read our Materia Medica page to learn more about in depth indications and contraindications for each Herbal Ally. 

  • FDA:

    *this statement has not been approved or reviewed by the FDA.

    *this product is not mean to treat, diagnose, or heal disease. 

    *consult doctor/practioners before use.

    *consult doctor if on pharmaceuticals medications or birth control. 

    *Do not take if pregnant.

    *Note, oil based lubricants and suppositories break down condoms.