Relief- Medicated Oyl Yoni Ovules (28)
  • Relief- Medicated Oyl Yoni Ovules (28)


    Relief Ovules are made to support Women who battle symptoms of Endometriosis, Cervical Cysts & Secondary Dysmenhorrea. Formulated with St. Johns Wort, Cannabis & Evening Primrose; wholesomely extracted into organic, cold-pressed Grapeseed Oyl and placed into a Gelatin ovule;

    This formula smoothes over damaged & inflammed tissues, nourishes & strengthens the nervous system &  relives tension/cramping in the pelvis by topically coating the linning of the vaginal walls & cervix.


    Ingredients: Oranic* St. Johnd Wort, Evening Primrose, Evening Primrose Co2, Rosemary Co2, Lab-Tested, Women Crafted, Hemp Oyl *, Complete-Spectrum, Hemp Oyl: 20 mg CBD: 1 mg THC (Per Ovule).  560mg CBD: mg 28 THC (Total). This product contains less than .1% THC; in Gelatin Capsules. 


    Instructions: Use this Ovule 7-21 days before your mensus. Instructions: Lay on back and elevate hips with pillow or bolster, insert one ovule deeply into Vagina, relax and rest in a meditative state focsuing on your breath, for minimum of 45minutes. The longer the hips are elevated, the more effective the remedy. 


    Dose: Take 1-3 Suppositories daily for 7 days for acute symtpoms and 1suppository a day for 28days for chronic symptoms. 


    Contraindications: Keep out of reach of children & Animals. Pre-Pregnancy, Pregnancy,breastfeeding, IUD, Epileptic or Hepatic Diseases. Pharmaceutical drugs. Please consult Medical Dr. before use. Oils break down latex condoms and sex toys. This product has not been approved by the FDA. This product is not intended to treat or heal disease. 

    • FDA:

      *this statement has not been approved or reviewed by the FDA.

      *this product is not mean to treat, diagnose, or heal disease. 

      *consult doctor/practioners before use.

      *consult doctor if on pharmaceuticals medications or birth control. 

      *Do not take if pregnant.

      *Note, oil based lubricants and suppositories break down condoms.

    Medicated Oyl Yoni Ovules