Golden Glow Medicated Yoni Ovules

Golden Glow Medicated Yoni Ovules


Golden Glow Ovules stimulates Sexual & Creative Vitality through it's Solar properties.

Formualted with Golden Seal Root, Calendula, Evening Primrose extracted into Organic-Grapeseed Oyl & infused into a gelatin Capsule. This Ovule brings deep moisture to the mucosa membranes, tonifies the vaginal walls, moves pelvic congestion, &strengthens localized immune response.


Ingredients: *Organic: hydrastis canadensis (GOLDEN SEAL) oyl, CALENDULA OFFICINALIS oyl,Oenthera Biennis (EVENING PRIMROSE) oyl&co2, Helichrysum essential oyl, vitis vinifera (GRAPESEED) OyL,

in GELATIN capsules.


Instructions: Lay down & elevate hips. Insert one ovule deeply into Vagina; up to Cervix. rest for min. of 45mins. The longer the hips are elevated, the more the medicated-oyl will topically coat the lining of the vaginal walls and cervix. best done before sleep. use cotton pad to protect linens from leakage.


DOSE:1-3 Ovules per night for 7 nights or as needed for acute symptoms. 1 Ovule a day for 28 days for chronic symptoms. Or, Before/After Sex as needed




Contraindications: Please patch-test before use. Scanty Mensus. Pre-Pregnancy, Post-Pregnancy, During Pregnancy. Epileptic Diseases, Pharmaceutical Drugs. Open wound abbrasions that are infected. Note:Oils break down latex condoms. Please Consult Dr. before use esp. if using Copper IUD. This product has not been approved by the FDA.

    Medicated Oyl Yoni Ovules