Minerals are a foundational part of our health many people forget about.  They help our nails, skin,  hair, bones, blood and even nutrient assimilation. Due to industrial agricultural practices, our soil is depleted and lacks the 27 essential minerals we would normally attain from our food if we had rich soil and. sound permaculture practices. Especially as women, we lose much of our minerals from our blood each month, it is essential to suppliment with minerals. 


IRON + MINERALS  This 16 oz Elixer is a rich infusion of nutritive and alterative herbs which contain essential 27 minerals and blood building properties infused into black strap mollasis. Black strap molasis is loaded with Iron and strength. Feel your vitality boost with this yummy elixer. 


Ingredients:  Organic * Stining Nettles, Horsetail, Red Raspberry Leaf, Red Clover, Oat Straw, Yellow Dock, Madrone Bark, Birch Bark,  Black-Strap Molasis, Honey. 


Dose: Take a teaspoon 3X a day during your mensus or pre-mensus. This formula is safe to take every day in therapuetic doses when deep replenishing is needed. 


Pair:  Mix into a nutritive herbal tea.


A GOOD READ: The healing power of Minerals By Paul Bergner.