Sweet Relief-Edible and Medicinal Yoni Honey

Sweet Relief-Edible and Medicinal Yoni Honey


Sweet Relief-Edible and Medicinal Yoni Honey-


This beautiful herbal infused honey supports the balance of the Vagina's natural PH, supports beneficial Flora/Biome, soothes irritated and inflammed tissues, tonifies,  nourishes, and supports localized immunity.


Use: To support Relief of Yeast infections, Candida Overgrowth. This honey can be used topically internally in vagina or externally on labia. It's anti-microbial affinity makes it a nice companion for  some of those more sweet and intimate moments with a partner or lover. IF you know what I mean. 


Ingredients: *Organic: Achillea millefolium(Yarrow), CALENDULA officinalis, hydrastis canadensis (GOLDEN SEAL), Immortelle (HELICHRYSUM) whole &essential oyl, oyl, extracted into Manukora UMF 20+/MGO 850+ Raw Mānuka Honey & Oenthera Biennis (EVENING PRIMROSE)co2.


Dose: 1 tsp a day until symtpoms subside. 


Instructions: Place 1tsp. of honey onto clean finger(s), apply internally to vaginal walls. Or externally on labia for intimate moments. This honey is also great used as a lubricant for intercourse to keep the PH and bacteria of your yoni thriving. 


Pair: For acute infections, best paired with a simple honey, lemon, apple cider vinegar tea and garlic infused honey. 


Note: Candida and Yeast infections are generally caused from dietary allergins (gluten, starches, eggs, sugar and dairy) as well as an imabalnced PH and gut/vaginal flora. If you have chronic symtpoms of candida or yeast, please fill out a wellness consulation form here. 


Read our Materia Medica page to learn more about in depth indications and contraindications for each Herbal Ally.




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