Medicated Oyls & Yoni Ovules

Facial Oil

Rose Petal Oil 


Tonifies Vaginal Tissue

Soothes Vaginal Tissues

Moisturizes Mucosa Membranes

Evening Primrose Oil


Supports Hormone Regulation

Moisturizes mucosa-membranes

Grapeseed Oil 

High in fatty acids

High in Oleic acid

Repairs&Soothes Vaginal tissues

Rosemary Oil

Circulatroy- Stimulant 

Brings Fresh Oxygen and Blood to the Vaginal Tissues

Vegan Gelatin

Drives Medicted-Oil into Epidermal Layer


Yoni Ovules are inspired by and ancient Ayurvedic Practice called Yoni Prakashalanam in which Herbal Medicated Oyls are used to topically coat the Vaginal Walls and Cervix, for immediate, localised, relief of acute and chronic symptom related to sexual and reproductive health. 

Our individual herbal oil infusions are crafted into specific proprietary formulas and poured into vegan-gelatin-capsules to create vaginal suppositories (aka Ovules.) to create a gentle, yet powerful remedy. 

Vital, Wholesome, Plant Allies

to Support Women's reproductive and Sexual-vitality. 



What are Yoni Ovules?