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Rose Petal Oil 


Tonifies Vaginal Tissue

Soothes Vaginal Tissues

Moisturizes Mucosa Membranes

Evening Primrose Oil


Supports Hormone Regulation

Moisturizes mucosa-membranes

Grapeseed Oil 

High in fatty acids

High in Oleic acid

Repairs&Soothes Vaginal tissues

Rosemary Oil

Circulatroy- Stimulant 

Brings Fresh Oxygen and Blood to the Vaginal Tissues

Vegan Gelatin

Drives Medicted-Oil into Epidermal Layer


Our individual herbal oil infusions are crafted into specific proprietary formulas and poured into vegan-gelatin-capsules to create vaginal suppositories (aka Ovules.)


Vaginal Ovules are used as a topical remedy to coat the lining of the vaginal walls and cervix for immediate, localized, relief of acute and chronic symptoms. 


Vital, Wholesome, Plant Allies

to Support Women's reproductive-vitality. 



What are Vaginal Ovules?

Pelvic Floor Pleasure- Vaginal Ovules

Pelvic Floor Pleasure- Vaginal Ovules

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Clarity-Vaginal Ovules

Clarity-Vaginal Ovules

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Endo Suport- Vaginal Ovules

Endo Suport- Vaginal Ovules