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McKensie Brown-Quantum Womb Healing


Fabienne Annick


I have been using Vesel's [yoni] oils for quite some time and have had such a beautiful experience with these products. I use their oil for personal care, and have found much relief from both skin irritation and muscle tension that I struggled with for years. I also use the oils in my massage work and have had only positive feedback from the Women I have shared it with. These oils and suppositories are made with so much Love, intention, and care. Jaya's process is precise, and her passion and devotion to healing shows through in the quality of her products.


Nessa Lee - Lomi Lomi Massage Therapist 


I tested positive for strains 16 & 18 of HPV about four years ago. At the time, my doctor informed me that the only way to get rid of HPV and avoid cancer was to undergo a surgical procedure, and even then there was a good chance I could still develop cancer down the road. I am so glad that I listened to my body’s intuition and didn’t go through with that procedure or believe the medical institution’s propaganda about HPV. I chose to take a natural route of healing. One day I saw Jenna’s post asking if any Women were interested in a trying a topical vaginal remedy to support the relief of painful symptoms of HPV, and I got in touch with her instantly about her amazing botanical  suppositories. They were non-invasive and user friendly, and I remember that they had a positive effect on my mood and libido. I used them during a yeast infection and it cleared up in two days, the fastest I have ever gotten rid of yeast. And the best news of all is that I just recently tested negative for HPV! I am so grateful to Jaya for creating these products, I would recommend them to any Woman.

Cecelia Whittle- Cervical Wellness and Sexual Empowement


My yoni went from feeling tense, burning and itching to relaxed, soothed and comfortable. Jenna’s “clarity” formula suppositories offered immediate and long standing relief for BV and yeast infections I was fighting. She also provided council and advice for other ways to support the plants to work best and get my body back to a balanced and thriving state.

Leanne Falco-The New Earth Movement


“I also absolutely love Vesel's packaging. I tried one last night for the first time because I was on my moon it was very special .....I felt the power of this medicine before I even opened it. My yoni was so excited to try this I didn’t even have to talk her into it! She sucked it right into her, and there was almost this wave of immediate relief of my menstrual cramps. You can tell this medicine is cultivated in prayer and   ritual!”

I have been using the Yoni Suppositories to assist with healing my cervix of HPV/Cervical Dysplasia. Jenna has been so supportive to me during this journey I have been on with healing my womb. I met her shortly after I discovered the diagnosis, it was a magical synchronicity & felt very affirming to come across someone who crafts medicine for exactly this. We had a consult & She created a custom blend for me after sending the information about my specific strain of HPV. I felt so empowered after meeting Jaya, that I could heal this on my own and with the support of the plant kingdom. She truly puts so much care, love & intention into these medicines, the frequency is so potent. My yoni always feels so nourished after applying the medicines, it has been a beautiful way for me to connect with my womb & cervix. I put in the suppositories & go into meditation & prayer to amplify the plants & their energy. I will definitely continue to work with Vital Vesel until I am completely clear of the HPV!

Katie Scott- Movement Coach


Jenna's  "Clarity" plant-based suppositories were really helpful and healing for my body and helped with very painful BV symptoms. Jaya showed up very professionally and lovingly in providing aftercare and detailed notes and instructions for self care. She even made & teas, oils and further advice which provided me with many options and made me feel safe and cared for during a vulnerable time. I really love her yoni rose oil, I felt immediate affects from. Her "Clarity" formula was extremely helpful in relieving intense and very painful symptoms  after a few days. Thank you, Jenna .


Andy Samuelson

I have been Lovvvving my yoni ovules. It's such a pleasant feeling.  The energy is so soft and subtle, like the essence of a flower. Just what I needed. I've been doing nightly Rituals with this plant remedy, and it has been such a delightful way to fall asleep. Thank you so much. 



Oh My God.  I just smelled the Intimacy Oyl, and I have never, ever, smelled anything like this, it created a powerful activation. I have experimented with many different Yoni Oyls, their purpose is generally lubrication, so it's generally very watery, and your oyl is THE BEST thing I have ever experienced. I did a de-armouring ritual with your Oyl and it was the most beautiful thing. The texture, the smell was amazing. I was so impressed that afterwards,  I had to go to the instructional card and say, 'what is this?!' it was pure magic. I have done a lot of practices around my sexuality and sexual activation, and this Oyl was just what I needed. 

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