"Every Woman's body is a unique, elemental masterpiece composed of blood, bones and spirit."- Jenna Crowley

Welcome Beautiful Being! My name is Jenna Crowley. & I am the founder of Vesel- Plant remedies for Women's Sexual Health Wellness. 


 Plants are my passion.

I am a continuing student of  North American Institute of Medical Herbalism-where I have studied over 500+ hours of materia-medica, phisiology, formulation and case-study in a clinical setting.


I am currently self-studying the 'Advanced Medical Herbalism' program at N.A.I.M.H. where I am learning advanced formulation, advacned intake practices, nutrition, diet, lifestyle and in depth clinical practices. 


I have had  500+ hours of experience working in a clinical setting at the California College of Ayurveda as the lead herbal assistant; where I specialized in making custom medicated oils, ghees, capsules and churnas and filled orders for  Ayurvedic Dr.'s nationwide.

Not only are plants my passion. But so is Yoga. I have been a student of Illengar yoga for over 10 years, and I have taught 300+ vinyasa classes with a focus on meditation and pranayama. 

My proprietary formulas are designed with the uniqueness of each individual Womxn in mind & inspired by the teachings of renowned herbalists Aviva Romm (Women,s Health, MD) and Paul Bergner (American Herbalists Guild). 

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